Silk Imagery


This is the story of Silk Imagery…Rosieforweb

Once upon a time in a rural country town in the heart of southern NSW, lived a writer/editor, farmer’s wife, and mother-of-four, called Rosie O’Keeffe. So passionate about creatively showcasing the stories of local faces, places and treasures, one day, Rosie decided to take her skills further, and embark on a new way of storytelling. And as they say, a picture can paint a thousand words, so now Rosie is hoping that with the click of the camera button and looking through the lens, the beautiful and magical moments of your own interests and lifestyle can be documented.

From the bond between a farmer and his young son, the beauty and glow of an expectant mum, the cheeky grin of an energetic toddler, the romance between a couple, and the purity and dreaminess of a sleepy newborn… Each tale is unique. Each tale is special. Each tale will become a memory to treasure forever.

Through her images, Rosie hopes to give you a snapshot of your special moments in time, no matter what the occasion, or stage in life. When she’s not telling the stories of rural farming families in her role with a glossy rural magazine or managing her digital lifestyle publication, building Lego scenes with her boisterous 4-year-old, practising ballet poses with her 7-year-old princess, dancing along to The Wiggles with her fast-moving 2-year-old, or giving her newborn baby cuddles and kisses, Rosie relishes sitting in a comfy chair reading an enthralling novel, or trawling the pages of a magazine for home inspiration (and perhaps indulging in a little bit of celebrity gossip!).

In addition to sharing stories through words and pictures, what she loves the most is having a good conversation and listening to other people’s anecdotes. So, whether you live in a rural community like Culcairn, Holbrook, Lockhart, or somewhere larger, such as Wagga, Albury or Wodonga, and basically anywhere in between or nearby, let’s chat. You never know, it may lead to us crafting a magical chapter in your very own fairy-tale.

Shoots with: Canon 5D Mark III DSLR with various Sigma Art and Canon lenses. Indulges in: There’s nothing like shopping. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyhow. Eats: Anything that involves a mix of peppermint and chocolate. Drinks: Lots of water, but I enjoy tasting regional wines. Television: Anything Australian – especially drama. Music: Mostly sing-a-long in the car to whatever is on the radio, or depending on which child I’m travelling with, if any, it’s more than likely Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, or The Wiggles. Flowers: I love blooms in pastel tones, pinks, blues, lilac. Current book: Six Under Eight by Madeleine West (although it’s been lying on my bedside table bookmarked at page 119 for 15 months now).
Family: Husband Andrew, children Anastasia, Rupert, Hugo and Archie